The Current Situation in Acapulco: A Call for Continued Support and Action

The Current Situation in Acapulco: A Call for Continued Support and Action
Image by Steven Alber & AI

Acapulco, a city known for its stunning beaches and vibrant culture, is currently facing a multitude of challenges. After spending a weekend with our team on the ground in Acapulco, it's evident that the city is grappling with issues ranging from healthcare needs to rebuilding efforts. Here's an overview of the situation:

1. Healthcare Crisis:
A surge in infections has led to an urgent need for medical supplies. Our team, including a nurse and a doctor (Erik's mother), is actively working to address this by distributing antibiotics and other medications. However, there's a concern about the correct usage of these medicines by the populace, highlighting the need for medical guidance alongside supply distribution.

2. Food and Water Shortage:
Many areas in Acapulco are facing severe shortages of basic necessities like food and water. To combat this, a large container truck of supplies is expected from Puerto Vallarta. However, due to the desperate situation, we plan to divert the truck to Chilpancingo to avoid attracting undue attention and potential conflict in Acapulco. We're organizing a fleet of vehicles to transport these supplies securely to a central location for distribution.

3. Rebuilding Challenges:
The government has promised financial aid (10k-60k pesos) to those needing to rebuild their homes, along with providing appliances like refrigerators in some areas. Despite this, the actual delivery of these funds is uncertain. Our offer to assist in rebuilding has been met with mixed reactions, as some prefer to wait for government aid. Additionally, focusing on individual homes could potentially lead to jealousy and conflict within the community.

4. Debris Management:
Debris removal has become a critical issue, leading to health hazards like foul odors and mosquito infestations. However, legal and logistical challenges, such as permits for debris disposal, are complicating clean-up efforts.

The team is now back in Acapulco, gathering more information to better understand and respond to these challenges. We welcome any suggestions and comments to help us navigate this complex situation effectively. Your insights are invaluable as we continue to support the resilient community of Acapulco through these trying times.

Written by Laura-Lise Jeanine Wong