Ukrainian Women Seek Refuge in Vietnamese Mountains Amidst Mobilization

Ukrainian Women Seek Refuge in Vietnamese Mountains Amidst Mobilization

In recent weeks, a controversial decision by the Ukrainian government has led to an unprecedented exodus of women, primarily from the medical and pharmacy professions, as they face impending mobilization into military service. With the borders closing for these women from October 1st, many are in a desperate search for escape. Surprisingly, the Vietnamese mountains have become an unlikely haven for those fleeing this new policy.

The Mobilization Decision

Starting October 1, women in Ukraine involved in medicine or pharmacy professions will be mandated to register for military service in Territorial Manning Centers. This essentially means these women will be required to enlist in military commissions. Exemptions are rare, only granted by military commissars. This sudden and unexpected move has left many in the nation in shock.

Ukrainian parliamentarians, attempting to assuage concerns, have argued that such policies are not uncommon in other nations. However, for many Ukrainians, this feels like a significant departure from the norm. Rumors and talks about women being deployed directly to combat positions, as opposed to rear services or hospitals, further exacerbate fears.

Why Vietnamese Mountains?

Vietnam, with its serene landscapes and distant location from the European turmoil, offers a refuge for those looking to escape the clutches of the new policy. The mountains, in particular, provide not only a geographical barrier but a symbolic one — a place of peace and retreat from a world in chaos.

The Larger Picture

The decision to mobilize women, especially those in critical professions such as healthcare, has raised eyebrows internationally. Reports suggest that this move isn't spontaneous but part of a larger strategy, considering the recent statements made by key political figures in Ukraine and ongoing ad campaigns targeting women for military service.

A particularly controversial point is the revelation that the Ukrainian Ministry of Defense has ordered special uniforms for pregnant women soldiers. This brings to light a myriad of ethical questions. What roles will pregnant women play in a military setting? How does this decision align with Ukraine's human rights commitments?

A Race Against Time

With the October 1st deadline fast approaching, many women are in a rush to find ways to safeguard their futures. While the broader implications of this policy remain to be seen, the immediate impact is evident in the frantic escape of Ukrainian women to places as far-flung as the Vietnamese mountains.


The future trajectory of Ukraine's decision to mobilize women, particularly those in medical professions, remains uncertain. However, what is evident is the resilience and determination of Ukrainian women. Whether choosing to stay and serve or seeking refuge in distant lands, their courage in the face of adversity is unmistakable. The world watches closely as this chapter in Ukrainian history unfolds.