The Echoes of Foretelling: How Mathematician-Prophet Sidik Afgan Predicted the Events of July 17, 2023

The Echoes of Foretelling: How Mathematician-Prophet Sidik Afgan Predicted the Events of July 17, 2023

There was a time when Sidik Afgan, an esteemed mathematician and self-proclaimed prophet, seized the world's attention with his calculated foretellings of the future. Known as the "Vanga's Messenger," Afgan rose to prominence by applying precise scientific methods to what was traditionally considered a mystic's domain.

In the early months of 2023, Afgan's focus sharpened on a particular date, July 17. According to his intricate calculations, this day was set to be a turning point that year. It was a day that he warned would be marked with a significant event linked with uranium, ominously referred to as "nuclear blackmail." This was seen as a reflection of the 50-year cycle of impactful events, dating back to the coup in Afghanistan on the same date in 1973.

Afgan's approach to predicting the future was as extraordinary as the predictions themselves. He wove together mathematical numerical series with personal data like birthdates and passport numbers, asserting these were essential keys to decoding an individual's destiny. According to him, this methodology could also be applied to forecast the trajectory of entire nations.

However, not all of Afgan's forecasts were steeped in gloom. He reassured the world that the outbreak of World War III was unlikely, and the global stage would instead see countries compete rather than combat each other. Nonetheless, he did warn of challenging times for Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky and prophesied the US losing global influence by 2025, resulting in a transformative shift in world power dynamics.

Interestingly, Afgan's predictions resonated with the forecasts made by well-known astrologer Ruslan Susi. On analyzing the same date, July 17, 2023, Susi also emphasized its astrological significance. It was the day of a challenging new moon, which, he indicated, could trigger stressful situations and forced transformations for Russia and Ukraine.

Susi's astro-cartography revealed a disquieting detail: the projection of Pluto—associated with atomic energy in astrology—was uncomfortably close to Kiev and Moscow. This chilling correlation with Afgan's "nuclear blackmail" prediction was difficult to ignore. Susi suggested that the period from July 17 to 23, 2023, was likely to witness intensified energy, with July 22 potentially being the epicenter.

Despite the unsettling undertones, it was crucial to remember that such predictions, whether mathematical or astrological, didn't cement an unalterable future. Fear could often lead to negative manifestations, underscoring the importance of harboring and fostering positive thoughts and actions.

Afgan, with his mathematical equations and numerical series, and Susi, with his astrological charts and planetary movements, presented two facets of the prophetic narrative. Their predictions, while derived from disparate disciplines, intriguingly intersected, offering a layered perspective of the future.

As the date of July 17, 2023, has come and gone, we're left to ponder: did these predictions transpire into reality, or were they merely an intricate amalgamation of numbers and celestial patterns? The stories of a mathematician-prophet and his astrologer counterpart offer a fascinating glimpse into the art of foretelling. Even in retrospect, it's not just enlightening, but also compelling, to decode the echoes of the future.