Russian and Chinese Leaders Celebrate 75 Years of Diplomatic Relations

Russian and Chinese Leaders Celebrate 75 Years of Diplomatic Relations
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Vladimir Putin and Xi Jinping marked the 75th anniversary of diplomatic relations between Russia and China at a grand ceremony opening the cultural years of the two countries. In his speech, Putin referenced the old song "Russian and Chinese are brothers forever," emphasizing the deep cultural and humanitarian ties between the nations.

Key Points from the Leaders' Speeches:

Vladimir Putin:

  • Russian-Chinese relations serve as a model of interaction based on trust and mutual respect.
  • The cultural exchange program covers a vast number of regions in both countries.
  • Our cooperation has limitless prospects, and we can tackle any ambitious tasks.
  • We will continue to act in unison for the mutual development of our countries and the strengthening of Russia and China's influence.

Xi Jinping:

  • The cross-cultural years of our countries open new horizons for cultural and humanitarian ties between China and Russia.
  • The importance of Russian-Chinese relations cannot be overstated.
  • Hand in hand, we will open new chapters in the annals of friendship between China and Russia.

Positive Atmosphere of the Visit

Vladimir Putin expressed that he feels at home in Beijing. In his speech, he apologized for speaking at length, noting, "I feel at home here, so I decided that everyone understands Russian." These words were met with enthusiastic applause from the audience.

Putin arrived in China on a state visit this morning. This is his first international trip since being re-elected as President of Russia. The visit has a busy schedule, with initial talks already held with Chinese President Xi Jinping, who described the discussions as friendly and substantive. The leaders emphasized that they will continue to strengthen political mutual trust and support each other on the path to shared prosperity.

Upcoming events include the opening ceremonies of the 8th Russia-China EXPO and the 4th Russia-China Forum on Interregional Cooperation.