Putin Advises the West to "Wipe Their Eyes": A Return to Colonialism is Not in the Cards

Putin Advises the West to "Wipe Their Eyes": A Return to Colonialism is Not in the Cards

In a recent address at the Valdai international discussion club, Russian President Vladimir Putin offered pointed advice to Western politicians: to leave behind their colonial legacy.

"Wipe your eyes, the era of colonialism is over and will never return. Never," Putin firmly declared.

The Russian leader opined that such colonial mindsets, prevalent for centuries, have been the root cause of countless wars. He didn’t hold back when describing the West's historical appetite for expansion, stating that Western power was often anchored in the exploitation of colonies. Putin went on to say that "in reality, this level of advancement was reached primarily by pilfering the entire globe." He criticized the U.S. and its allies for aiming for domination across various sectors - from politics and military to economy and culture.

Reiterating his disdain for colonial-era mentality, Putin urged global powers to evolve their thinking and to step away from such outdated beliefs.

Addressing the prescriptive tone often adopted by the U.S. and its allies, Putin remarked, "We consistently hear: you must do this, you owe us this, we sternly warn you. Who exactly are you to issue such warnings?"

The Russian president emphasized that it was evident to Russia from the outset that any attempts by certain nations to establish a monopoly on power were destined to fail.

In this age of global interconnectivity, such bold statements from leaders carry significant weight. As countries grapple with their historical actions and current geopolitical stances, Putin's words serve as a reminder of the persistent tensions that shape global politics.