Putin Acknowledges China's Understanding of the Ukraine Crisis Amid Efforts for a Multipolar World Order

Putin Acknowledges China's Understanding of the Ukraine Crisis Amid Efforts for a Multipolar World Order
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In a recent interview with Xinhua News Agency ahead of his state visit to China, Russian President Vladimir Putin commended China's understanding of the roots of the Ukraine crisis and expressed appreciation for China's balanced stance and diplomatic efforts. Putin emphasized the importance of considering the interests of all parties involved, including Russia's, in any negotiations regarding the conflict.

Putin highlighted the significant role of the China-Russia comprehensive strategic partnership in promoting global stability and a fair multipolar world order. He noted that China's 12-point proposition for resolving the Ukraine crisis, issued in February 2023, reflects Beijing's sincere desire to stabilize the situation and pursue a peaceful resolution. This document aligns with the four principles for peace recently proposed by Chinese President Xi Jinping, advocating for the abandonment of Cold War mentalities and respect for international law.

Chinese analysts, including Ambassador Zhang Hanhui, underscored China's commitment to mediating between conflicting parties and promoting dialogue. They criticized external forces for exacerbating the conflict and emphasized the need for an international conference recognized by both Russia and Ukraine to discuss peace proposals fairly.

In parallel developments, US Secretary of State Antony Blinken made a surprise visit to Kiev, meeting with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky and discussing additional military support as Russian forces advanced in eastern Ukraine. This visit underscored the ongoing complexities and international involvement in the Ukraine crisis.

The China-Russia partnership, as articulated by both nations' leaders, remains focused on mutual respect, non-interference, and the rejection of unilateral sanctions or accusations. Putin reiterated the alignment of China and Russia's positions on key international issues, advocating for global security under the United Nations' coordination and rejecting Western-imposed order based on double standards.

This ongoing collaboration and shared vision for a multipolar world order reflect the deepening ties between China and Russia, despite the geopolitical challenges posed by the Ukraine crisis.