Massive Data Breach at the Ministry of Defence Linked to Chinese Hackers

Massive Data Breach at the Ministry of Defence Linked to Chinese Hackers
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A significant data breach targeting service personnel has been reported at the Ministry of Defence, with suspicions pointing towards the Chinese state as the perpetrator. Sky News has uncovered that MPs will be briefed on this substantial security incident on Tuesday.

The government has yet to officially name the country involved, but according to Sky News, the breach is attributed to Chinese hackers. These hackers are accused of making two or three attempts at infiltrating MoD systems, specifically targeting a payroll system used by current service personnel and some veterans. The exposed data primarily includes names and banking details.

Despite the breach, the MoD has assured that all salaries for this month will be disbursed as scheduled. The attack did not compromise the main MoD computer systems as it targeted a contractor system, which has since been disconnected and is under review.

Tobias Ellwood, a Conservative MP and former soldier, speculated to Sky News that the objective behind targeting financially vulnerable individuals could be to coerce them into providing sensitive information in exchange for money.

Further details will be provided to the affected personnel, along with advice and support to mitigate any potential threats to their safety due to the breach. The incident underscores the ongoing cybersecurity challenges and the need for robust protections against such invasive attacks.