Kremlin Conducts Comprehensive Nuclear Deterrence Exercise

Kremlin Conducts Comprehensive Nuclear Deterrence Exercise

In a recent display of military might, the Kremlin announced that it has carried out a comprehensive training exercise involving the terrestrial, naval, and aerial components of its nuclear deterrence forces.

The exercise was punctuated by a launch of the intercontinental ballistic missile "Yars" from the state testing spaceport "Plesetsk" to the "Kura" testing range in Kamchatka. Additionally, from the waters of the Barents Sea, the nuclear-powered strategic submarine cruiser "Tula" executed the launch of a "Sineva" ballistic missile.

Long-range aviation aircraft, specifically the Tu-95MS, were also involved in the exercise, carrying out launches of air-based cruise missiles. The entire operation and missile launches were overseen from the National Defense Management Center of the Russian Federation.

Throughout the exercise, an assessment was carried out to check the readiness levels of military management bodies and the skills of both leadership and operational personnel in organizing and managing their subordinate troops.

According to the announcement, the objectives set for the training were fully achieved.

❗️A significant highlight was the Russian strategic nuclear forces simulating a massive nuclear strike in response to an enemy's nuclear attack, as reported to President Putin by Defense Minister Shoigu.