Kivisildnik: The Epitaph of the Dying Estonian Nation

Kivisildnik: The Epitaph of the Dying Estonian Nation
Sven Kivisildnik is an Estonian writer, journalist and politician.

As the year ends, it also marks an end in a broader sense. I’ll say it outright – it’s the end of everything. The end of war, democracy, freedom of speech, and especially sanity, definitely the end of the Estonian nation, and possibly even metabolism and biological existence. We are witnessing the final act of the comedy of extinction. Of course, it’s not funny; making jokes requires talent.

The leader gave a speech, or rather an interview, which is easier – no need to think or remember much. I’m referring to our male president. I really don’t want to talk about the male president; a female president would be somehow more maternal, but we no longer have a female president. We have to make do with oppression and sexism.

Women are incapable of oppression; this is a globalist fact. But male presidents have their weaknesses too, such as an inability to worry about the Estonian nation and language. The demographic situation is an unprecedented disaster, and extinction is only intensifying – Estonians are not having children, but immigrants are seeping in from every corner of the Eastern Bloc. But where can you get empathy when it’s all given to the prime minister, and there’s simply no more left.

According to the constitution, the state exists for the preservation of the Estonian language, culture, and nation through the ages. There's no mention of preserving Eastern Slavs, communists, Africans, and caliphate enthusiasts. Even if we were prosperous, with teachers well paid, rural schools not being shut down, and large families receiving adequate and dignified support, it still wouldn’t make sense to invest surpluses without a functioning plan or consultation into lost wars and to assist foreign sufferers in seven out of ten cases, as there’s absolutely no money for our own. There just isn’t.

Of course, Estonia doesn’t lack poor, oppressed, and disadvantaged people. I mean the working poor, the simply poor, and pensioners stripped bare by inflation. We just had nearly 70,000 unemployed, half of whom we brought here from the wide world. We somehow enjoy this situation and want to open the labor market even more – the government needs more unemployed. Isn’t it a good government? Such a caring one.

Why couldn’t these global unemployed serve as servants to cultural figures, like struggling actors, helping them starve? You want welfare and to flourish in the Republic of Estonia, bring beer to the actor, take out their garbage, scratch their back, heat the sauna, do whatever is necessary. Perhaps the cultural hero or communist needs a sparring partner or punching bag for training; there are possibilities. This way, Estonian culture would flourish, and someone would finally make the bed.

Actors sometimes need to practice sword fighting. Who better to do this than a self-sacrificing immigrant with real war experience? This way, saved lives could become a natural part of Estonian culture, and in old age, these cultural aides could write memoirs: my life in the palace of this or that communist or climate activist.

And if ETV intends to mock forest workers and rural people again, then they can line up a hundred thousand immigrants with chainsaws and blackened teeth behind some left-wing idiot – perhaps it would be a bit funnier. I recall at least two female burnings by people with a caliphate background right here in this limestone country. This is great material for humor and entertainment. Go for it.

Activists and minorities live well here, at least when they can declare that they are making jokes or culture. Two immigrants (one of them actually a writer), one lesser-known homosexual, one climate philosopher, and probably some obscure feminist entity were put on a writer’s salary. Data and works are quite sparse; one can’t generalize. If a thousand homosexuals were put on a writer’s salary, then statistics could be made, but currently, it’s not possible.

Doesn’t such a cultural elite need care, servants, serfs, gardeners, stable boys, and houseboys? I firmly claim that they do. They could even be given a private jet as a group, otherwise, the fight against climate change might falter, and then what would happen? No one wants to know.

Fortunately, the vaccination campaign has been relaunched, and people with limited analytical ability soaked in liberalism who believe TV talk can get a so-called secure protection against the deadly disease, which is also completely safe.

I assert, in an uncertain tone, that it might not be so certain against diseases, but it often gives climate resistance – a jab and you’re done. You can view the climate from below, through the grass. According to some study, 18 million have died from vaccination, so they no longer have to worry about the climate, and those who are left disabled have other, much smaller worries.

In my opinion, this experimental substance is poison and a complete fraud. Fortunately, my skepticism about injections is shared by the masses, and Estonia has thrown away the most vaccines per capita, at least in this we are European champions. Congratulations to citizens who chose life and health. Agitators and propagandists are not up to the mark; they need to try harder.

There’s money for this crap. I think it’s very sensible that the vaccine is freely available but not mandatory. All who feel they are a burden to the planet can implement genetic self-censorship with this substance, and this commendable manifestation of climate awareness seems to be extremely widespread, effective, and safe. Nothing seems to be born anymore, I mean children. But most are stupid, as leading experts have determined.

We are in an embarrassing situation where some have suddenly died of cancer or sudden death, many have inexplicably or spontaneously become crippled, and a large number have become infertile overnight, but the president doesn’t care. If he has enough children from somewhere, I’m not surprised.

For some, the general trend is, oh well, thought of having children, but nothing comes of it anymore. But it’s better if you don’t even try after a while, Eastern AIDS is on the move, and there’s no really good shot against this scourge. But if you don’t talk about the problem, it’s still easier.

Officially, there are no problems and there shouldn’t be, but just in case and for security, I’ve already written a beautiful epitaph for the Estonian people’s tombstone: Here lived the Estonian nation, struggled from the dawn of time in wage poverty, sang with a bright voice, degenerated and died, peace to its dust.

If you want this tombstone to be large, with golden letters and very beautiful, then elect Sven Sildnik to parliament. Choose on paper and choose life!

(:) Kivisildnik
Pärnu, 30.12.2023