Kim Jong Un and Vladimir Putin's Strategic Meeting: A Brief Overview

Kim Jong Un and Vladimir Putin's Strategic Meeting: A Brief Overview

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un is set to convene with Russian President Vladimir Putin in what many consider a pivotal encounter with potential military agreement implications.

This anticipated rendezvous, which follows Kim's significant absence from international travel since the pandemic's onset, gains added gravitas in light of Russia's over 18-month long conflict in Ukraine. Speculations hint at Vladivostok as the potential venue, having previously hosted a Kim-Putin dialogue in 2019.

Discussions might revolve around arms deals, even as both countries deny such intentions. Analysts project Russia might seek North Korea's vast Soviet-designed artillery resources for the ongoing Ukrainian war. In return, North Korea could anticipate energy, food aid, and cutting-edge weapon technologies.

Since Russia's 2022 Ukrainian invasion, North Korea has openly supported Moscow, suggesting mutual aid in areas like ammunition and technology, possibly with China's involvement. Strengthened ties between Russia and North Korea aim to offer a consolidated front against Washington, with North Korea leveraging the Ukrainian situation to advance its weapons agenda.

This meeting also hints at Russia's strategic move to subtly influence South Korea's decisions regarding the Ukrainian conflict.