"Fortress Plan" Unleashed in Moscow and Rostov Region Amid Tensions With Prigozhin

"Fortress Plan" Unleashed in Moscow and Rostov Region Amid Tensions With Prigozhin

In a response to mounting internal military tensions, Russian authorities in Moscow and the Rostov region have rolled out an urgent operational plan named "Fortress". The operation involves an immediate gathering of personnel and the securing of critical law enforcement facilities.

According to sources at VChK-OGP, this move came following declarations by Yevgeny Prigozhin, the head of Wagner, a private military company (PMC), that he intends to "restore justice" within Russia. In Moscow, law enforcement officers have been put on high alert, with orders to stay contactable and remain local. Concurrently, conscripts in the Rostov region are being armed, heightening the sense of urgency and volatility.

The "Fortress" plan, as detailed by law enforcement agencies, is centered around a rapid mobilization of personnel and the securing of key law enforcement sites. It also mandates a state of readiness to ward off potential external attacks. The plan has been enacted across several police departments within the Rostov region, with officers placed on alert.

Sources from the Rostov region have reported to "Vot Tak" that following Prigozhin's provocative statement, conscripts are being armed. A reservist disclosed that 30 of his men have already been directed to receive equipment, including armor and weapons, with the anticipation of an armored personnel carrier (APC) arrival.

This urgency has left some servicemen in confusion, with many reporting a lack of understanding about the reasons for this sudden preparation and the specifics of the unfolding situation. The command has reportedly provided little to no explanation to the troops.

This flurry of activity and tension traces back to Prigozhin's allegations of an attack on his base by the Ministry of Defense, and his subsequent vow to retaliate. The Defense Ministry has refuted these claims, labeling the videos and messages circulating on social media as misinformation and provocation.

President Vladimir Putin is reportedly aware of the ongoing situation surrounding Prigozhin, with all necessary measures being taken, as per his press secretary, Dmitry Peskov. Following Prigozhin's controversial statements, a case has been opened for incitement of an armed insurgency, as stated by the National Anti-Terrorism Committee.

The unfolding of these events represents a moment of significant tension and instability within Russia's military and political realms, calling for careful monitoring and analysis of the potential repercussions on domestic security and global relationships.