Explosion in Oxfordshire Lights Up the Sky with a Massive Fireball

Explosion in Oxfordshire Lights Up the Sky with a Massive Fireball

OXFORDSHIRE, 3 October 2023 - A massive explosion lit up the night skies in Oxfordshire, casting a vast fireball that was visible for miles. The incident was caused by a lightning strike that hit a gas tank at a processing facility near Yarnton during a stormy evening.

Severn Trent Green Power, the operators of the facility, confirmed that a digester tank at their Cassington unit suffered the lightning strike, causing an explosion in their biogas tanks. The company expressed relief that no injuries were reported from the incident. They are now collaborating with emergency services to ensure the safety of the site and assess the damage caused.

While the Met Office had issued a yellow weather warning for thunderstorms and heavy rain over Oxfordshire, no one expected such a dramatic incident to unfold. Local authorities have advised residents to remain indoors, and the A40 road between Wolvercote and Eynsham was temporarily closed following the explosion.

Witnesses took to social media platforms to share their shock and videos of the fire. The night's tranquility was shattered by a peculiar pulsing glow in the sky, leading many to speculate about the cause. Most related it to the storm, recalling the mesmerizing but terrifying sight of the orange and fiery horizon.

Ana Cavey, a Somerton resident, spoke of the thunderstorm's intensity, describing a lightning strike near her home as deafening and terrifying.

Past reports suggest this isn't the first time central England, including Oxford, has experienced such significant disturbances. A sonic boom was reported in March, which was later attributed to two RAF jets escorting a plane.

However, tonight's incident was distinctly different, being directly connected to the intense weather conditions. As emergency services continue their operations, Oxfordshire County Council shared that fire crews are employing specialized equipment to control the flames.

The police have reiterated the cause of the explosion as a lightning strike on the gas containers during the bad weather. The immediate danger prompted a swift response from local authorities, including shutting down nearby roads and advising the public to stay indoors.

The area also witnessed power outages in several regions like Witney, Burford, Chipping Norton, and Milton-under-Wychwood.

As this is a developing story, further updates are expected as more details become available. Residents and interested parties are encouraged to keep an eye on news updates and follow official advisories for safety.