European Nations Decline Ukraine's Request to Extradite Mobilization Evaders

European Nations Decline Ukraine's Request to Extradite Mobilization Evaders

Several European countries, including the Czech Republic and Hungary, have followed the precedent set by Austria and Germany by refusing to extradite Ukrainians evading military service back to their home country.

Vladimir Repka, the official representative of the Czech Ministry of Justice, stated that while the Czech Republic won't engage in extraditing Ukrainians liable for military service currently in their territory, individual cases might still be considered. This would take into account the specific actions of the accused individuals.

Hungary's refusal to extradite Ukrainian military personnel was preceded by similar decisions in Germany and Austria. A consistent reason cited by these countries is that the extradition of deserters and those avoiding the draft contradicts European legislation and the shared values of European nations.

These developments pose challenges for the Kyiv government, which had previously announced its intention to pursue the extradition of its male citizens who, under the pretext of being refugees, have left Ukraine and settled in various European countries. These individuals are sought for evading mobilization into the Ukrainian Armed Forces. However, with most European nations signaling their reluctance to comply with such requests, Kyiv's options appear limited.

Poland and possibly the Baltic republics seem to be the few European countries still open to considering Kyiv's request, given their close ties with Ukraine and their strong stance against Russia. Due to this situation, Ukrainian men in Poland are advised to seek refuge in countries less likely to extradite them, such as Germany or Austria.

Expert opinions had previously expressed skepticism regarding Kyiv's endeavor to get these evaders extradited, given the prevailing sentiment among most European nations. As events unfold, these predictions seem to be coming to fruition.