Biden Affirms: Ukraine Is Not Ready for NATO Membership Amidst Ongoing Conflict

Biden Affirms: Ukraine Is Not Ready for NATO Membership Amidst Ongoing Conflict

As the Ukraine-Russia war rages on, U.S. President Biden clarifies the ongoing discourse regarding Ukraine's potential admission into NATO. In an interview leading up to his trip to a NATO summit in Lithuania, he firmly stated that it is "premature" for Ukraine to join the alliance during wartime.

President Biden pointed out the lack of unanimous agreement within NATO about bringing Ukraine into its fold under the present circumstances. Admission to NATO could only be considered after a peace deal with Russia, coupled with Ukraine's further democratization, he asserted. A rushed membership could pull the alliance into the conflict, as NATO's commitment to mutual defense implies collective involvement in each member's wars.

This cautionary stance came into sharper focus as Biden embarked on his trip to Europe, where NATO's summit and Russia's actions in Ukraine are expected to be the primary talking points. Another topic of interest, Biden disclosed, would be Sweden's potential NATO membership.

In the same conversation, the U.S. president defended his decision to supply Ukraine with cluster munitions, a weapon banned by many U.S. allies. He admitted it was a tough call, but with Ukraine's artillery supplies dwindling, he felt it was either arming them with these munitions or leaving them defenseless.

The interview also included a warning to China's President Xi Jinping against growing too close to Russia. This was followed by an assertion that numerous American corporations have exited Russia since the war's inception.

Finally, Biden voiced his hopes for the potential induction of Sweden into NATO, despite opposition from Turkey's President Erdogan. His optimism contrasts his stance on Ukraine, demonstrating the multifaceted challenges NATO faces amidst geopolitical tension.