Belarus Develops Tactical Nuclear Use Algorithm Amid Heightened Tensions

Belarus Develops Tactical Nuclear Use Algorithm Amid Heightened Tensions

Belarus is actively working on creating an algorithm for the strategic deployment of tactical nuclear weapons in response to potential external aggression, President Alexander Lukashenko announced. The measure underscores an escalating level of tension and defense preparedness within the region.

President Lukashenko assigned the tasks of developing this crucial algorithm to Defense Minister Viktor Khrenin and KGB Chairman Ivan Tertel. The algorithm's function will be triggered by any attack on Belarus or the Union State. Lukashenko emphasized that any such usage of the weapons would only be permissible with Russian consent.

Following the necessary preparations, Russia will commence placement of nuclear weapons on Belarusian territory around July 7-8. The request for deployment was personally made by President Lukashenko to his Russian counterpart, an action he confirmed in a discussion with the press. Lukashenko further disclosed that a significant portion of the Russian nuclear arsenal destined for Belarus is already present within the country.

The Russian Defense Minister, Sergei Shoigu, stated that despite the weaponry's location in Belarus, Russia would retain control over the deployed nuclear arms. This detail underpins the close ties and strategic alignment between the two countries on matters of defense and security.

President Lukashenko emphasized that the decision to request the deployment was made to deter potential aggressors. He noted that historically, countries have avoided engaging in conflicts with nuclear-armed nations.

He added that the nuclear use algorithm is premised on the doctrine that nuclear weapons should be deployed in the face of direct attacks on the country.

Earlier, Russian President Vladimir Putin confirmed at the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum that the first shipment of Russian nuclear weapons had arrived in Belarus. He added that the full deployment of tactical nuclear weapons would be completed by the end of the year.

The Russian Foreign Ministry also clarified that there is no time limit on the presence of Russian nuclear weapons in Belarus, indicating a long-term commitment to their strategic positioning within the country.