Awakening to Illusion: The Fiction of Ownership and the Quest for Authentic Freedom

Awakening to Illusion: The Fiction of Ownership and the Quest for Authentic Freedom

As we peer deeper into the framework of our societal constructs, a startling revelation of an elaborate scheme comes to light – a ruse in which we, the human race, unwittingly nourish absurdity out of ignorance.

Ponder on the plethora of insurances marketed and mandated—reflect on the common man acquiring a home with borrowed capital, oblivious to the fact that money is conjured within the bank’s vaults. This residence, a mere illusion of ownership; the system, in actuality, claims dominion over both the individual and their abode.

The money, appearing miraculously in one's account without a trace of its origin, is rooted in one's own value within the system, leading to a false belief that it has been transferred from another's coffers. Then, the bank, with cunning foresight, mandates home insurance, ensuring that its asset – the home you believe you own – is protected, all the while you foot the bill for both the property and its insurance.

From houses to automobiles to one's very health, we meticulously maintain value, not for ourselves, but for an unseen proprietor. Life insurance, or "henkivakuutus" as the Finns precisely term it – insurance of the soul – epitomizes this deception, selling the belief that one can safeguard their soul, their very essence, with currency.

This grand illusion extends to how we register our homes, lands, and businesses, transforming us into mere custodians rather than proprietors. In doing so, we willingly enter into the system's ledger, turning ourselves into instruments for its monetary gain.

By trading our fundamental human rights for financial benefits, we have gradually been stripped of our freedoms. Now, awakening to the deception, we understand that we have been reduced to pawns, exploited and subdued by an entity devoid of spirit – an entity not of this Earth but an invader that has systematically ravaged our planet and influenced the cosmic whole for millennia.

The journey ahead is arduous, reclaiming ancient wisdoms and purging the tainted ego. Only through full accountability for our thoughts, emotions, words, and deeds can we begin to extricate ourselves from the chains forged by the system.

By ceasing to support the falsehood and rejecting all registrations to soulless fictional entities, we take the first steps toward genuine freedom. When every individual honors their own worth and that of their brethren, understanding that deceit towards another is self-deception, the need for registration to these fraudulent platforms dissolves.

We cannot be deprived of our intrinsic wealth: our experiences, knowledge, wisdom, inner light, and love. It's time to awaken to the facade and stride towards liberty.