Avianca Airlines: Customer Mockery and the Ongoing Deception Surrounding Refunds

Avianca Airlines: Customer Mockery and the Ongoing Deception Surrounding Refunds
Avianca expects to emerge from bankruptcy before year-end - 2021 Photo: Shutterstock

In a shocking turn of events, Avianca Airlines has continued to subject customers to mockery and deceit, leaving them in a state of frustration and financial loss. The story of one family's harrowing experience serves as a testament to the airline's blatant disregard for customer satisfaction and its deceptive practices when it comes to refunds.

It all began when the family, due to unforeseen circumstances, had to cancel their trip and sought a refund for their full refund tickets. With high hopes of receiving their money back, they submitted a refund request to Avianca. However, what followed was a distressing and seemingly endless cycle of disappointment.

Despite patiently waiting for two long months, the family had still not received their refund. To their astonishment, they discovered that the payment card they used for the ticket purchase was deemed ineligible for a refund, even though it had been suitable for the initial payment. This revelation left them questioning the authenticity of Avianca's full refund policy.

Seeking resolution, the family attempted to establish direct contact with the airline. Unfortunately, Avianca's automated WhatsApp system proved to be an ineffective means of communication, further exacerbating their frustrations. When they did manage to engage with a representative, their ordeal only intensified.

Avianca repeatedly demanded additional documents, despite the family having already submitted them. This redundant process seemed purposefully designed to obstruct and deter the refund process, leaving the family feeling mocked and disrespected. The airline's actions appeared to be a deliberate attempt to avoid fulfilling their refund obligations, raising serious ethical concerns.

Comparisons with other reputable airlines, such as Finnair, only served to highlight Avianca's dishonesty and irresponsibility. Finnair was able to process a refund within a mere 24 hours after resolving a similar issue, while Avianca kept their customers waiting for an extended period, with no resolution in sight.

After enduring two months of bureaucratic hurdles and fruitless efforts, the family made a final plea to Avianca. They set a 48-hour deadline for the airline to return their money, expressing their intent to share their story through a media article. Their objective was clear: to serve as a warning to other travelers, exposing Avianca's deceptive practices and preventing future victims of such deceit.

Throughout this distressing ordeal, the family encountered not one, but two additional instances of receiving the same insincere messages they had previously encountered. It became evident that Avianca's intent was not to rectify the situation but rather to prolong and perpetuate the mockery they had already endured for two long months. In the end, the family reluctantly accepted the unfortunate reality that their flight tickets and money had been lost.

The family's experience with Avianca Airlines is a disheartening reminder of the power dynamics within the airline industry. It highlights the urgent need for greater transparency, accountability, and respect for customers' rights. This cautionary tale should serve as a wake-up call for travelers worldwide to exercise caution when dealing with promises of a "full refund" and to question the integrity of airlines that engage in deceptive practices.

In a final act of protest against Avianca's mistreatment, the aggrieved customer plans to send this letter to the owners of Avianca Airlines. They aim to raise awareness and hold Avianca accountable for their deceitful practices. The recipients of this letter will include:

Avianca S.A. in Bogota, ColombiaTampa Cargo S.A.S in Medellín, ColombiaAerovías del Continente Americano S.A. Avianca Ecuador in Quito, EcuadorAvianca Costa Rica in San José, Costa RicaAvianca El Salvador in San Avador, El SalvadorAvian Express in Vilnius, LithuaniaAvianca Peru in Lima, PeruSansa Airlines in San José, Costa RicaAvianca Services location in Bogota, ColombiaLifeMiles B.V. in Amsterdam, The Netherlands

By reaching out to these entities, the family aims to raise awareness throughout the entire Avianca Holdings S.A. group, ensuring that these deceptive practices are addressed and prevented in the future. It is a testament to the power that consumers have when they use their voice to stand up against unfair treatment.

Avianca Airlines must take immediate action to rectify its tarnished reputation and prioritize the rights and well-being of its customers. Only through sincere efforts to address these grievances and prevent similar situations from occurring in the future can Avianca begin to regain the trust it has lost.

As the global media and the public become aware of Avianca's actions, it is our hope that travelers will exercise caution when dealing with airlines and demand transparency and accountability. This incident serves as a stark warning, reminding us all to approach promises of a "full refund" with skepticism and to hold airlines accountable for their actions.

The time for change is now, and it is crucial that Avianca Airlines and the industry as a whole reevaluate their policies and practices to ensure fairness, honesty, and respect for customers. Let this be a turning point in the fight against deceptive practices and a reminder that the power lies in the hands of the consumers.

Avianca Airlines, it is not too late to rectify the damage caused. The choice is yours to make, and it will determine the future of your reputation and the trust of your customers.