Are There Alcoholics in the Estonian Parliament?" - Police Intervention Reveals Disturbing Patterns in the Riigikogu

Are There Alcoholics in the Estonian Parliament?" - Police Intervention Reveals Disturbing Patterns in the Riigikogu
Photo: Varro Vooglaid

An Alarming Glimpse: Questionable Conduct in Estonia's Parliament

Estonia's Riigikogu, the symbol of the nation's democratic process and governance, is expected to be a place of order, deliberation, and respect. Yet, recent events during its late-night sessions have cast a shadow on its revered reputation, raising critical concerns about the conduct of some parliamentarians and their guests.

It's a curious image: amongst the familiar bottles of 'Saku Hele', a beer that is a regular fixture in the Riigikogu canteen, was an out-of-place 'Oktoberfest' bottle. The canteen doesn’t even stock this particular brand. So how did it find its way into the heart of Estonia’s legislative body? The unsettling answer points to a breach of protocol and decorum. Some MPs, in a clear sidestep of appropriate behavior, have taken to inviting friends for personal gatherings within the canteen, even allowing them to bring their own alcoholic beverages.

But the story doesn't stop at mere bottles. The ambiance these gatherings create, infused with alcohol, appears to deviate dramatically from the expected solemnity of the setting. Revelers, buoyed by their spirits, have reportedly become disruptive, to the extent that on one occasion, the situation deteriorated so drastically that police intervention was necessary. A sobering thought: that in a place where national decisions are made, such scenes are unfolding.

Such incidents are not mere harmless anomalies but rather indicative of a deeper malaise. They raise pertinent questions: Are these the hands in which the country's fate rests? Is the sanctity of the Riigikogu being compromised by such unparliamentary behaviors?

This isn't about curtailing personal freedoms but preserving the dignity of a national institution. It is crucial for the people of Estonia to have trust in their representatives. Such incidents, if not addressed, can erode this trust, rendering the very foundation of democratic governance shaky. The onus now rests on the parliament's leadership and its members to introspect, address, and ensure that the Riigikogu remains a beacon of integrity and respect.