2024 Grant Peace and Sanity

2024 Grant Peace and Sanity

As I contemplated last New Year's Eve what to wish for the upcoming year, peace and wisdom first came to mind, especially considering their scarcity in Estonia and Europe. Unfortunately, my hopes for peace and the triumph of reason did not materialize. Europe's conflict zones expanded to include warfare in the Middle East, and our government and European Union leaders persisted in their irrational policies driven by extreme environmentalism and slogans of pan-European fraternity through migration, disregarding the well-being of their own people.

Warmongers despise peace.

Full-scale warfare rages in Europe, and all efforts should be directed towards achieving peace. Peace is essential for those caught in war and facing death, and for Europe as a whole to gain stability and move forward. Yet, public discourse is increasingly dominated by hawks, advocating against peace and fighting to the last drop of blood, even considering thoughts of peace as evil. Concern for hundreds of thousands of soldiers dying at the front is ridiculed, with claims that such is the right way. This is accompanied by fear-mongering about imminent attacks on Estonia and the leveling of Tallinn.

Using war as a scare tactic and labeling dissenters as Kremlin agents makes it easier to impose unpopular tax hikes and silence opposition politicians, supported by two-thirds of the populace according to recent surveys. However, one questions whether even the current ethically deficient government should stoop to such appalling deceit.

Estonia stands out among European nations for its aggressive warmongering and blatant disregard for domestic needs. High inflation, undervaluing mental labor, and mocking nationalism marked our shortcomings in 2023. It's no surprise that Estonia, under Kaja Kallas's leadership, is no longer taken seriously abroad and is seen as a symbol of evil by many moderate politicians who prioritize their country's needs. Continuing under this self-destructive 'war princess' leadership offers little hope for improvement.

Green madness is destructive.

While the war emits millions of tons of pollutants, the European Union enforces strict environmental rules with unclear goals, as even if the entire populace reverted to living in caves and foraging, it would barely dent global pollution. The climate hysteria that hindered economic development last year threatens well-being in 2024. CO2 trade involving transportation and heating will push us further into decline, exacerbated by increasing VAT and proposed car taxes unrelated to environmental protection. The motto "the worse, the better" unites former communists and current liberals. Confusing slogans and disregard for the populace are norms used in the communist revolution and now in the assault on traditional lifestyles.

Billions in war damages and environmental taxes strain life. Added CO2 taxes on heating and fuel jeopardize family finances. Yet, Kallas's followers insist that people have no right to dream of a better life, as a true liberal thinks only of war and green transformation, not improving their own and their loved ones' lives.

Saving at the expense of children.

The reform government justifies attacking citizens' wallets with the claim of not living at the expense of future generations. This is peak hypocrisy, as children suffer first in Kallas's Estonia. In 2024, support for families with three to six children drops from 650 to 450 euros monthly, and for larger families from 850 to 650 euros. The phased reduction of support also ceases. If a family has only two or one minor children left, they won't continue receiving reduced support as before. This anti-child policy comes when the country's birth rate is at its lowest! Kallas's failed government is indifferent to a future without children.

New Year's Wish.

2023 didn't fulfill the dreams of rational people, so we must hope that 2024 will be more peaceful and sensible. Estonia has suffered enough to endure another year under a government drifting in military recklessness and scorning intelligent solutions.

Fortunately, voices of reason are increasingly heard, offering hope that the new year will free us from a hostile prime minister and steer the country back to balanced development. Even within the Reform Party, voices suggest replacing Kallas. Quoting Andrus Ansip, who once promised to make Estonia one of the five richest countries and who recently acknowledged in an interview: "A leadership change will have to happen sooner or later. I think sooner. Not just because of the Russian business scandal, but the overall attitude and political approach. This has disappointed people, and it's not just about Reform Party's 15% support, but when 70% of Estonians want the prime minister's resignation, that's a strong signal. And if the government's support is only 33%, it's a security threat to Estonia. If we face a serious threat and trust in national leaders is so low, it's dangerous."

Entering the new year, we must stay optimistic, as only by hoping for the better can dreams come true. Thinking of the upcoming year, I repeat my wish carried through the controversial 2023 – May the coming year grant us peace and wisdom!

Vsevolod Jürgenson